Prime Day deal: this massive 14TB external hard drive has had a huge price drop

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This incredible Amazon Prime Day deal offers you an absolutely mind-blowing 14TB of storage space for just £184.99 for the 14TB WD Elements external hard drive - down from £250 (not in the UK? Scroll down for today's best WD Elements deals in your region).

Having 14 terabytes at your disposal is an incredible amount of space, and basically means you can store every digital file you own - or will ever own - on here.

It's enough space to hold around 42,000 CDs, 7,000 movies or 3.5 million photos. So, yeah, plenty of space.

Amazon Prime Day has also cut the price of WD Element external hard drives with more modest capacities (after all, not everyone is going to need 14TB), plus a huge 20TB device as well. Check out the deals below.

WD 14TB Elements external hard drive: £250

WD 14TB Elements external hard drive: £250 £185 at Amazon
Save a hefty £65 off this massive 14TB external hard drive. Simply plug it into your PC and thanks to its USB 3.0 connection, you'll be able to quickly move and back up files, without every having to worry about running out of space.

WD 8TB My Book external hard drive: £240

WD 8TB My Book external hard drive: £240 £130 at Amazon
If 14TB is more than you'll ever need - and for many people it will be - then this 8TB external hard drive is also worth checking out, especially with a price cut of over £100 for Prime Day!

WD 20TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID: £680

WD 20TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID: £680 £350 at Amazon
If you're looking for even more storage space, then this huge 20TB device is ideal. Using two hard drives in RAID 0, it means not only do you have loads of space, but your files are even more protected, because if one drive fails, the other will still hold your data. Plus there's a £300 price cut as well!

Thanks to WD's apps and software, using a WD external hard drive to back up and store your files and folders is incredibly easy, and if you go for these large capacity hard drives, it means you'll never have to upgrade again - all your files will be safely stored and easily accessible.

If you're not in the UK, we've listed the best deals on WD Elements external hard drives where you are below.

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