LG Lifeband Touch hits Australia in late May

LG Lifeband
LG hoping to touch your life with the Lifeband Touch this month

The Samsung Gear Fit now has even more competition, with LG today announcing that its Lifeband Touch wearable will be available in Australia by late May.

Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, the Lifeband Touch works with the LG Fitness app to monitor your calorie burn. Just enter your height, current weight and goal weight and the band and app will track how much progress you've made towards your daily target.

If you're falling short, LG hopes its new wearable will provide the push you need to put down that third donut or take the stairs rather than the elevator.

LG says the companion app is aimed at beginners, but more serious athletes can use it to sync with third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness.

More than a fitness band

While the Lifeband Touch is tracking your steps it will also alert you to incoming calls and Android users can expect text message notifications as well.

You can also tap the OLED touchscreen to control your music, skipping slow tracks in favour of something that will get your pulse racing and controlling volume.

The Lifeband Touch will only be available in medium and large sizes at first, so those with dainty or oversized wrists will have to wait until June for small and x-large. It will retail for $199.