Does Verizon have 7 phones, 2 tablets coming down the pipes?

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Carrier could be out of surprises

A host of new phones plus a tablet or two could be coming to Verizon soon, according to a leaked document outlining the carrier's roadmap for the coming months.

The document, obtained by PhoneArena through a "reliable" source, lays out seven handsets, including the newly rumored HTC Droid Incredible X and three Windows Phone 8 devices.

The Droid Incredible X, which is also being floated as the One X 5, reportedly packs a 5-inch screen into a body holding a quad-core processor.

The phone - referred to by model number ADR6435LVW - may also sport 4G LTE connectivity when it launches in November, according to the document.

Also on Verizon's books are three just-announced WP8 phones - Samsung's ATIV S, Nokia's Lumia 920, and HTC's Windows Phone 8X - are all launching sometime in November. A rumor surfaced Sept. 5 that the Lumia 920 would make its way to Verizon Nov. 2.

A long and winding road

If the roadmap is accurate and does include these particular handsets, then it backs-up comments made by Verizon executives a few weeks ago that the carrier would bring Windows Phone 8's to its customers in the fourth quarter.

In addition to these handsets, October should see the LG Spectrum II, which is really nothing more than a rebranded LG Optimus LTE II, coming to the carrier.

The Spectrum 2 will supposedly feature a 4.7-inch screen with possible TrueHD quality, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP camera, NFC, and a batter with 2,150mAh.

It'll also reportedly run Ice Cream Sandwich.

RIM isn't being forgotten either, as the roadmap promises to bring a BlackBerry 10 device into the mix sometime at the beginning of next year.

Tami Erwin, Verizon's chief marketing officer, also said earlier this month the company would carry a BB 10 device sometime next year, and the roadmap only seems to confirm this possibility.

This should be a full touchscreen device, and may be the one leaked Wednesday.

Filling in the gaps

Rounding out the lucky seven smartphones is the Samsung Stratosphere 2, rumored to have a big Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8MP camera, and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

What takes the Stratosphere 2 to the next level, however, is a QWERTY keyboard. All that is coming sometime later this month.

Finally, the Pantech Perception will reportedly pinch hit for the Pantech Breakout, while a 7- and 10-inch tablet by ZTE may also be in released before the month is out, although the report claims the 10 incher may have already been scratched.

Whether this roadmap proves reliable or a fake won't be known for sure until these devices start rolling out or hitting the skids.

Via PhoneArena

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