Plenty of top cheap Moto phones are discounted in Prime Day deals

Motorola Prime Day deals
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If you're a fan of cheap phones, then you're really going to like what Motorola is offering right now, because for Amazon Prime Day it's reduced the price of plenty of its already-affordable mobiles.

These Prime Day deals cover loads of the best Motorola phones, particularly from its affordable G and mid-range Edge families. There are plenty of newer and some older phones, with the aging mobiles getting big enough discounts to make sure they're just as tempting as the newer ones.

These aren't the only Prime Day phone deals out there, but since Motorola is the champ in the budget phone sector, the deals below will likely be the best ones for lots of you.

Motorola phone deals

Moto G Stylus (2021): $289

Moto G Stylus (2021): $289 $189 at Amazon
Save $100
This isn't Motorola's newest stylus-toting cheap phone, but it's got a much better deal than the 2022 version - $100 off a phone like this is great. It makes the camera and chip upgrades you're missing out on relatively unimportant.

Moto G Power (2021): $250

Moto G Power (2021): $250 $160 at Amazon
Save $90 this budget battery phone is available unlocked for a new low price, so if you need a cheap and cheery new mobile that'll last you for days on one charge, this is a great option (though, we should point out, not the newest version).
$200 $150 at Amazon

Moto G 5G (2022): $399

Moto G 5G (2022): $399 $279 at Amazon
Save $120
This budget 5G phone is down to its lowest price in the Prime Day sales, letting you get a storage-packed 256GB phone with a 50MP main camera and big battery for a low price. 

Moto G Stylus 5G (2022): $499

Moto G Stylus 5G (2022): $499 $329 at Amazon
Save $170 As budget phones go, this is quite a feature-packed one. It has a stylus, a huge amount of storage, 5G connectivity, a 50MP main camera and a giant battery. For this low price, it's one of the most tempting Moto phones on offer.

Moto G Play (2021): $169

Moto G Play (2021): $169 $134 at Amazon
Save $35
This is one of Motorola's cheapest phones on the market, and its specs won't exactly wow you, with only a 13MP camera and 32GB storage. But if you just need an easy-to-use cheap and cheery mobile it's just fine for you.

Motorola Edge (2020): $699

Motorola Edge (2020): $699 $299 at Amazon
Save $400
This is a fantastic discount on Motorola's former mid-range marvel. It has a 'waterfall' curved-edge screen, with the sides of the display curving at a dramatic angle into your hand. I used this phone for a large portion of lockdown, and really enjoyed it.


Moto G Power (2022): $249 $174 at Amazon
Save $75
Motorola's latest affordable battery beast maybe not be as cheap as the 2021 version in the Prime Day deals, but it's not that much pricier either. This is the cheapest we've seen this device go for on Amazon.

Motorola Edge (2021): $699

Motorola Edge (2021): $699 $399 at Amazon
Save $300
This top-end Moto phone from - you guessed it - 2021 has a high-res main camera and a big battery - if you know Motorola's devices as being decent budget phones, this is basically that but on steroids.

So, should you pick a newer or older mobile?

Well, you're probably presuming that newer is better, and it's true that when you compare like-for-like models, like the 2021 and 2022 versions of the Moto G Power for instance, the newer model has better specs.

But because 2020 and 2021 handsets are seeing bigger price cuts, that might make the older versions more tempting for many people.

Take the Motorola Edge for example - this was launched in 2020, so it's not exactly new, but it debuted for a premium price. Two years on, it's a lot more affordable, letting people who want a top-end-feeling phone but are on a budget get a chance.

So make sure to think long and hard about whether you need a newer handset, or will be happy with an older one.

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