PlayStation Classic now supports wireless DualShock controllers thanks to 8Bitdo

Sony's PlayStation Classic retro console certainly takes its inspiration from Nintendo's miniaturized machines – right down to the 'nostalgia factor' of bundling the box with old-school wired gamepads. Wired gamepads, might we add, that have cables so short you'll be sat right next to your TV – a recipe for the square eyes our parents warned us about.

Accessory makers 8-BitDo have come to the rescue however – it's opening up pre-orders for a USB adaptor that lets you use all manner of wireless pads, lag free, with the mini console.

That opens up the newer DualShock 4 and DualShock 3 pads for use with the console. But that's not all – the dongle can be used with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi machines, and can also support the Nintendo Switch Pro, Switch Joy-Cons, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro and a number of other lesser-known wireless USB pads, giving all the mentioned computers and consoles use all manner of other pads.

A real classic?

It's a pity then that the PlayStation Classic itself is a bit of a disappointment. Though its external design is a great mini mimic of the original groundbreaking console, its pre-installed game library is missing out on some of the "classics" to make it justify its name.

The console also uses a lackluster emulation system that sees some games run in ways inferior even to Sony's own previous emulation efforts with the PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

Still, if you've got that retro bug and want the comfort of a wire-free life in the near future, pre-orders are open now at $19.99 (around £16 / AU$28).

Gerald Lynch

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