You can now pre-order GoPro's 360-degree VR rig

GoPro Omni
The GoPro Omni.

If you've been tracking the progress of GoPro's Omni VR camera then you'll want to know that the rig is now up for pre-order - if you've got the cash to slap down. The Omni costs £4,199.99 in the UK and $4,999.99 in the US.

That high price isn't too surprising, considering you get six Hero4 Black cameras packed into the frame for capturing 360-degree video in real-time. The rig can be powered using its on-board batteries or an external power supply.

At the same time GoPro has opened up a dedicated platform for sharing and viewing VR content - there are iOS and Android apps as well as a web portal, so you can quickly get your films in front of an audience (if you don't want to use YouTube).

Included in the box

Pixel-level synchronisation ensures a smooth, spherical video output and you can use the bundled Kolor software to get your content from camera to audience. The maximum recording format is 8K spherical resolution (7940 x 3970 pixels) at 30 frames-per-second.

You also get six 32GB microSD cards, a rugged waterproof carry case, a smart remote, a battery charger and a seven-port USB hub for your money. Just want the rig without the cameras? That'll be £1,299.99 or US$1,499.99.

While the Omni is a big step up from something like the Gear 360, its extra capabilities should match its extra price - if you want something even more expensive, try the GoPro Odyssey. As yet, the company hasn't revealed when the Omni pre-orders will ship.

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