Here's a look at footage taken by the first GoPro drone

GoPro quadcopter footage

GoPro has its own quadcopter camera drone scheduled to be released to the masses sometime during the first half of next year, though we don't know what it'll look like or what features it'll have.

While very little details have been released about GoPro's quadcopter, the action camera maker has finally released some footage captured using a prototype of its drone.

GoPro says it was shot using a GoPro Hero4, showing very smooth and stable footage in the short, 2-minute clip.

"No post-production stabilization was implemented; this is an example of the incredible image quality we are already able to capture at this advanced prototype stage," GoPro said.

Besides the stabilization prowess of the drone, the video doesn't reveal too else about what we should expect.

Even the resolution of the video, which only goes up to 1440p on YouTube and not 4K, doesn't reveal much, after all, it was shot on a Hero4 so it should be able to go up to 4K.

In any case, it's possible GoPro could end up releasing a drone that can carry older Hero models, or it could release a whole new camera made specifically for the drone.

While we continue to speculate, you can check out the sneak peak below.