Polaroid to launch interchangeable lens Android camera?

This leaked image appears to show Polaroid will be announcing an Android mirrorless camera

At the beginning of 2012, Polaroid, announced the world's first Android powered "smart camera", now there are suggestions that it is on the verge of releasing an interchangeable lens version.

To date, no other companies have released cameras with interchangeable lenses that run on Android, however both Nikon and Samsung have released compact cameras using the operating system.

Having Android on a camera means that a wide arrange of apps can be downloaded, ranging from popular photographic apps to email clients and social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Leaked pictures show that the Polaroid camera looks remarkably similar to the Nikon J1/J2 compact system camera, with a small body joined by small lenses.


A few specs appear to have also surfaced, suggesting that the camera will include an 18.1 million pixel sensor. Crucially, the physical size of the sensor is not known, but looking at the size of the body would lead to assumptions that it would be a fairly small sensor, just like the J2.

Other specs include a pop-up flash, built in WiFi, a 3.5 inch touchscreen and HDMI output. A Russian social media network appears to show the camera with a 10-30mm optic, also curiously the same focal length as the kit lens that is found on the Nikon 1 system.

The new Polaroid corporation isn't the same as the Polaroid of old, as its name was sold onto a new company after the original company folded. Since then, it has traded under the name Polaroid Corporation and has released products such as the Z340, an instant digital camera.

Its smart camera never reached a global audience after its announcement in the US, but perhaps the interchangeable lens camera will be more widely available.

Watch this space for any updates on its release.

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