The best Australian iPhone 6S Plus plans


Getting your hands on the bigger iPhone through the nation's largest carrier isn't the cheapest way to get your iOS 9 fix.

Telstra's plans start at $95 a month for 24 month, including 1GB of data and $550 worth of talk time. If the paltry 1GB of data doesn't cut it for you, the next plan up brings the bundled data to 2.5GB, with an included $1,000 worth of talk time for $102 a month.

Moving up to the larger plans, $118 per month will get you unlimited talk plus 6GB of data (7GB if you get in early for the bonus data offer), while the biggest plan includes 10GB (or 15GB with bonus data) and unlimited talk for $150 a month.


Optus' starting plans are significantly cheaper for the iPhone 6S Plus, woth $79 a month including unlimited talk and text plus 500MB of data.

If you want gigabytes of data, you'll need to spend at least $88 per month, which delivers 3GB, up to 150 minutes of international phone calls plus unlimited talk and text.

$94 a month will double the data to 6GB a month, double the International calls to 300 minutes and maintains the unlimited talk and text (you can't really double unlimited now, can you?)

For $108 a month with Optus, things start getting interesting. International calls jump to 400 minutes, plus you get 12GB of data (10GB plus 2GB bonus). Naturally, unlimited talk and text are included.

The top of the line Optus offering – and the first that includes the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus for "free" with the plan – costs $135 a month and offers 20GB of data (16GB plus 4GB bonus), up to 500 minutes of international talk time, unlimited talk and text and a bonus of up to 10 days of Optus Travel packs.


Vodafone's 16GB offerings start at $87 a month, with the standard 500MB of data doubled to 1GB for the plan. Vodafone offers unlimited talk and text on all its plans, and also offers its $5 a day roaming offering.

For an extra $6 a month at $93, you'll get 3GB of data for your troubles, 120 minutes of international calls and unlimited talk and text, plus the $5 roaming offer.

$97 a month will earn you 8GB of data (6GB plus a bonus 2GB if you sign up before November 3), and then includes unlimited standard calls to 10 selected countries on top of the 120 minutes. $5 roaming comes in standard too.

Pumping the repayments up to $110 a month sees you inherit the same plan as the $97 offering, except with 12GB of data to play with each month (10GB plus a bonus 2GB for signing up before November 3).

And if 12GB isn't enough data for you each month, why not go for 20GB (15GB included, plus a bonus 5GB for signing up before November 3). $130 a month and it's all yours.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin has the cheapest offering when it comes to the 16GB iPhone 6S Plus. For $67 a month you get a shiny new handset, $300 worth of talk and text and 300MB of data.

For $79 a month, you'll get $450 worth of talk and text plus 1GB of data. Or for the same price on the same network for the same amount of money, you can get $500 worth of talk and text and 2GB of data. (Yeah, we think something might be broken on the Virgin site here).

$88 a month gets you unlimited talk and text with 4GB of data, but spend an extra $1 (to $89 a month), and you'll find yourself with unlimited talk and text and 6GB of data.

If you need more data than that, $93 a month gives you unlimited talk and text and 9GB of data.

And for the heaviest of data users, Virgin delivers unlimited talk and text plus 13GB of data each month on a fresh iPhone 6S Plus for $100 a month.

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