The best Australian iPhone 6S Plus plans


Bumping the iPhone 6S Plus up to 64GB naturally boosts the Telstra pricing up too. The small plan , with $550 worth of talk and text and 1GB of data starts at $102 over 24 months.

$109 a month will buy you $1,000 of talk and text, plus 2.5GB of monthly data. For $125, you'll get unlimited talk and text and 7GB of data (6GB plus 1GB bonus).

And if you're a data hog, $157 a month buys you unlimited talk and text plus 15GB of data (10GB plus 5GB bonus each month).


Want 64GB in your iPhone 6S Plus from Optus? You'll be dropping a minimum of $85 a month. For that you'll get just 500MB, plus unlimited talk and text.

Pump those repayments up to $94 a month and enjoy 3GB of data, unlimited talk and text and up to 150 minutes of international calls each month.

$100 a month will buy you 6GB of data, unlimited talk and text plus 300 international minutes, while $115 gets you the same unlimited talk and text plus 400 international minutes and 12GB of data (10GB plus a bonus 2GB).

The truly data hungry will need to drop $142 a month, with 20GB (16GB plus a bonus 4GB) of data accompanied by unlimited talk and text, up to 500 international minutes and a bonus Optus travel pack.


Voda's entry level offering for the 64GB iPhone 6S Plus offers a decent 1GB of data (500MB plus 500MB bonus) for $93 a month, which also includes unlimited talk and text plus Voda's $5 roaming.

But knocking up the payments to $98 a month lands you a respectable 3GB of data, unlimited national talk and text and 120 standard international minutes as well.

$103 a month will deliver the 64GB phone with 8GB of data (6GB plus 2GB bonus), plus the $5 roaming and 120 international minutes and unlimited talk and text.

The final two Vodafone plans keep all the same trimmings, but include 12GB (10GB plus 2GB bonus) and 20GB (15GB plus 5GB bonus) for $115 a month and $134 a month respectively.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin's plans for the 64GB iPhone 6S Plus model are all fairly closely priced, but with a wide-ranging set of inclusions.

$73 a month includes $300 of talk and text and 300MB of data. $85 a month bumps that up to 1GB and $450 of talk and text.

But for an extra $1 (or $86), you'll get $500 of talk and text and 2GB of data. $94 a month shifts to unlimited talk and text, plus 4GB of data, while an extra $2 boosts that data to 6GB a month.

$99 a month has 9GB of bundled data alongside unlimited talk and text, while $106 a month will give 13GB of downloads and unlimited talk and text each month.

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