Xperia Z to make a singular splash at T-Mobile, price still a mystery

Xperia Z
Ah, you got me wet!

If you fancy a water-resistant, TechRadar-rated smartphone and can hold out just a little while longer, sit tight. Your patience will soon be rewarded.

T-Mobile revealed today that it will exclusively carry the Sony Xperia Z, splashing the news on its Facebook page and website.

The phone is "almost here," a site message read, though a tweet from Sony Xperia US said the device is coming to T-Mo in "just a few weeks."

Customers can sign up to receive an alert when the device is available, though exact availability and pricing remain a mystery. However, like the Un-carrier's other handsets, folks can pay for the Xperia Z through monthly payments after an initial down payment. This is all without a contract, of course.


Carrying the Xperia Z is a score for T-Mobile, while Sony gets the benefit of throwing its high-end smartphone in the air and seeing it stick on a major U.S. carrier.

After the initial impressiveness of water (and dust) resistance wears off, users should be drawn to the Z's 5-inch, 1080p HD screen with Bravia Engine, 13MP camera and expandable 16GB of storage.

It's not a perfect phone, as we point out in our review, but taken along with the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and BlackBerry Z10, T-Mobile is building a very nice company of offerings.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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