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The best Verizon phones available in September 2020

verizon phones

The best Verizon phones range from top-of-the-line Android and iPhone options to high-value picks that balance capability with affordability.  Whether you want the best of the best or the best on a budget, we’ll help you find the right Verizon phone for you.

We’ve tested the best smartphones on the market, and we’ve gone hands-on with many of the best cheap smartphones as well. There are even a few phones that run on the Verizon 5G network. With so many options to choose from, we’re here to help you pick a phone on whichever end of the market you’re looking. 

Verizon offers many of the best smartphone options you could want, and we’ve compared the available options to our top picks. We’ve also factored in discounts Verizon is offer on its phone that can enhance the value in some vases.  So, if you're looking to trade-in your old iPhone for a new one, want score a buy-one-get-one deal on the best Android phone, or just want a great price on a capable smartphone, we've got the best options for you.

We'll go over what each phone has to offer, and which discounts Verizon offers on them to sweeten the deal. This way, you can be sure you're money is well spent, and you're not missing out on an opportunity to save a little bit more.

Best Verizon phones at a glance:

  • Best of the Best: Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Best Apple Phone: iPhone 11
  • Best Android: Galaxy Note 10
  • Best value phone: iPhone SE
  • Best affordable phone: Moto G7 Power
  • Best 5G phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G

verizon phones

iPhone SE 2020

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Verizon phones: Your options explained

How TechRadar has found the best Verizon phone for you

From premium to budget, and Android to iOS, we've looked at the phones Verizon has to offer and determined which are the best options in a number of categories. These choices are based on the value of the phones compared with the price Verizon is charging. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find something that fits in this list.

verizon phones

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Understanding your purchasing options

The phones listed here are all available on an installment plan from Verizon that allows you to pay for the device over a set 24-month term. We'll include the installment price so you can clearly understand what your bill for the phones will look like. If you're also looking for a new Verizon plan, check out our rundown of the best plans the carrier has to offer.

verizon phones

The best Verizon phones for every budget:

Best of the best: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Check out all Samsung Galaxy S20 5G pans on Verizon starting from  $41.66/month ($999.99 retail)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 features a 6.2-inch 120Hz display and packs 12GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and features a powerful new camera system with a triple-lens rear camera that includes an ultra-wide and wide-angle camera. The Galaxy S20 also now features 8K video recording and Super Steady stabilization, which results in super-smooth footage. The battery also got an upgrade with a 4,000mAh battery that claims to last all day.
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Best Apple Phone: iPhone 11

Check out all iPhone 11 plans on Verizon starting from $29/month ($699 retail)

Apple's iPhone 11 is the best option if you love iOS. Not only is it offering excellent performance from the A13 Bionic chipset, but it has a new dual-camera system on the rear with some seriously impressive capabilities. The new iPhone also comes in a wide range of colors, and has a lower starting price than any of the new iPhones that launched in 2018. You can even get up to $700 off the price from Verizon if you’re a new customer looking for an Unlimited plan.
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Best Android: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Check out the Galaxy Note 10 from Verizon starting from $45.83/month ($1,099.99 retail)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus features a massive 6.8-inch AMOLED display and packs 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and provides an impressive 3,500mAh battery that claims to last all day. The Galaxy Note 10 is smaller and thinner than the Note 9 making the phone easier to hold in your hand. The 10MP front-facing camera now sits discreetly in the center of the phone and has been upgraded for better low-light shots.
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Best value phone: iPhone SE

Check out all iPhone SE plans on Verizon starting from $5/month ($399.99 retail)

The iPhone SE 2020 brings Apple's most powerful chip, the A13 Bionic, to a brand new budget iPhone with a 4.7-inch display and physical home button with Touch ID. Replacing the iPhone 8, the new iPhone SE 2020 supports wireless charging and is available in three color options: black, white, and Product Red, as well as three storage configurations: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.
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Best affordable phone: Motorola Moto Z4 

Check out all Moto Z4 plans on Verizon starting for just $5/month ($499.99 retail)

The 2019 Moto Z4  budget phone features a 6.4-inch OLED display, 128GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM. The Motorola phone also packs Snapdragon's 675 chipset, and now includes a 48MP rear camera and a 25MP front-facing one.
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Best 5G phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G

See the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G on Verizon for $49.99/month ($1,199 retail)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus features a 6.7-inch 120Hz display, packs 12GB of RAM, and offers a 128GB or 512GB storage option. The S20 Plus features an advanced new camera system with a 10MP front-facing camera and four rear cameras. The Galaxy S20 also boasts full support for 5G and provides a 4,500mAh battery that claims to last all day.
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Picking your plan

Once you've found the phone you want, make sure you find the best Verizon plan. You'll want to see all the plan options Verizon has available to you can rest easy knowing you're getting the most for your money,

If you want more phone recommendations check our list of the best smartphones we've tested.