Three bids farewell to unlimited tethering but makes 0800 numbers free to call

It's all change at Three

The days of unlimited tethering at Three are almost up as the network has announced new monthly plans which do away with unlimited tethering for all new customers.

It's not all bad news though: previously only customers on The One Plan could tether at all but now tethering is available on all Three's plans, and you'll be free to use all your data towards tethering. There's a catch though, which is that any customers with unlimited data will be capped at 2GB which really isn't a whole lot.

If you're already a Three customer on The One Plan you'll be able to keep tethering as much as you like until you renew, so make the most of it.

Free on Three

Three is also making calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 free on all new 24-month contracts and dropping the price of 084 and 087 numbers to 5p per minute.

According to Ofcom, UK mobile consumers spend £600 million on those numbers every year, so it's a change that should certainly be beneficial to some.

Another positive change is that Three will now unlock its devices for free and the network is adding unlimited text messages to all new plans.

If you're already on Three and can live without unlimited tethering you can change over to a new contract free of charge without changing your renewal date.

  • There are changes happening behind the scenes too, as Three's network capacity is getting a boost.
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