The mystery of the LG G4's metal jacket continues

Will the LG G4 miss out on a metal body?

In the run up to the launch of the LG G4 there have been conflicting reports regarding the material of the body, with some suggesting it will feature a metal chassis, while another source has come out to say that manufacturing problems have put a halt to those ambitions.

According to ZDNet Korea, industry insiders have apparently revealed that although LG is planning on using metal to construct its future smartphones in a bid to rival Apple and Samsung, the work required to make the switch means the metal won't be in place in time for the launch of the LG G4.

The LG G4 Note, however, will apparently still benefit from a metal body.

It's claimed that LG is looking to switch to new CNC (computer precision control) methods to create its own metal cases, which could prove to be costly in both the financial and time sense.

Mixed messages

These rumours contradict previous claims made in the Korea Times that LG is working hard to make the LG G4 radically different from the G3, suggesting it will have a mixed-metal body.

The remarks were published in an interview with LG Electronics mobile chief Cho Juno which was conducted at MWC 2015 at the beginning of March. Although the article doesn't directly quote Juno as saying the LG G4 will have a mixed-metal body, the implication is there.

This leads us to wonder how likely it is. If the new rumours of production issues preventing a metal body are true, why would the mobile chief of LG Electronics would still be claiming that the LG G4 will be sporting a fancy new chassis?

Any production issues would likely have been known for some time now, so unless Korea Times has incorrectly reported the interview, we'd be inclined to take the new rumours of the LG G4 missing out on a metal body with a pinch of salt.

As there's been no official launch date set for the LG G4, if LG was determined to include a metal body, it could still delay the launch until any issues were resolved.

The mixed messages means we might not get a clear idea of what material the LG G4 is made of until closer to its launch.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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