The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available to buy

iPhone 6
Go bigger, or go BIGGER?

Well folks, the day has finally arrived. You can finally stop envying the dainty hands of Phones and Tablets Editor Gareth Beavis and wrap your very own fingers around the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.

The two larger handset are available starting today, but if you haven't pre-ordered then you're probably in store for a bit of a mission, as stocks are sure to be depleted very quickly.

EE has told us that it has just received a number of extra handsets, which it will be giving to anyone who pre-ordered their new iPhone on EE through Phones 4u before the retailer announced it was going into administration.

If that's not you, you might still be lucky enough to walk into an EE store and pick a handset up, though you'll probably want to get in early. Same goes with any other stores.

We've listed all the places that the two new handsets will be available (and will be updating through the day), although ordering now means you probably won't receive your handset for at least a few more days.

iPhone 6: where can I get it?

iPhone 6 Plus: where can I get it?

And if you're still not sure about whether the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus are right for you, then check out our full reviews of both handsets right here:

iPhone 6 review

iPhone 6 Plus review

Finally, we've got the definitive verdict on Apple's new software, iOS 8, which will come pre-installed on both new iPhone handsets - so it's probably worth knowing a thing or two about it beforehand.

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