TechRadar Reacts: LG G2

Knee-jerk score: 4

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Lily - Assistant Editor (US)

The LG G2 is a bit on the boring side. It seems like a decent device especially with that 13MP camera and tiny bezel but I'm not convinced because there aren't exactly any other features that stand out and give it that wow factor. The most interesting addition is "guest mode" and that isn't exactly groundbreaking. Also, if I hear a children's choir ringtone, that thing is going in the garbage no matter what kind of phone it is.

Knee-jerk score: 3.5

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Alex - Associate Editor, Reviews (US)

Another big phone from LG, but undoubtedly the boldest one I've seen yet. Buttons on the back, that's pretty brave, but I'm wondering how that will work day to day. I'm pleased to see LG has ditched a physical home button and gone with Android software controls.

Ultimately though, I'm having a hard time getting excited about another massive Android phone. Maybe it's the sensible little Moto X I've got in my pocket for review, but a cell sucking quad-core and a giant display ready to rip my pants pocket just isn't what I'm after. And all that software LG has poured over Android 4.2 just looks like a mess to me.

Knee-jerk score: 3.5

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Nick - Managing Editor (AU)

I'm really excited by what LG is trying to do here. After playing in the shallow end of the smartphone pool for so long, the Koreans are really trying to add their own unique take on the high end. Sure, I have concerns about that volume rocker on the back snagging in my pocket, but there's more than enough in the specs to squash any concerns.

But my biggest concern is around that global release. Sure, LG has said 130 countries, but if we have to wait six months like we did for the Optimus G, it will be too little too late.

Knee-jerk score: 4

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Farrha - Online Editor (AU)

I'm a fan of big-screen phones, so I'm immediately attracted to this handset. While the 3,000mAh battery worries me when looking at the giant screen, it will be interesting to see how the Snapdragon 800 processor handles to help prolong the handset's life.

The major talking point will be the button on the back, and though it may not necessarily be a game changer, LG is at least trying to do something a little different and it should get points for that. At a glance, the G2 has a lot of things I like. That LG has turned up to the party with a serious Sumsung/HTC alternative is only a good thing.

Knee-jerk score: 4

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Total knee-jerk score: 3.7

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