TechRadar Reacts: Nokia Lumia 1020

TechRadar Reacts: Nokia Lumia 1020
Has the Lumia 1020 won us over?

Described by some as "the phone that will save Nokia", the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its insane 41MP camera are out in the open at last.

Our full hands on Nokia Lumia 1020 review will be with you soon, but what do your faithful TechRadar writers make of the handset and its photographical nous at first glance?

It's been at least half an hour since we received the spec sheet so let's find out, complete with knee-jerk marks out of five.

Gareth - Phones and Tablets Editor

What has Nokia done here? Gone back to its roots. There's no doubt this is a phenomenal cameraphone, and playing with it you can't help but want to rush out and start shooting. It almost helps gloss over the fact it's running Windows Phone 8, which is still a sub-par OS compared to the rest, but it's definitely getting better and having a hero device like this is really going to be a shot in the arm. It's not too late for Nokia to bite back against Samsung, Apple and HTC, and if it can build on this momentum then maybe we'll start getting excited about new Nokia phones again. (4)

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Patrick - UK Editor in Chief

It's great that Nokia's trying something a bit special in terms of the camera, but I can't help but feel this, plus the Windows Phone interface and jaunty colours, plants the phone squarely in the lifestyle category. That means that it needs to convince people that it's a trendy phone and, as much as people remember their old Nokias with affection, I don't think it's a brand that will ever pull in the fashionistas. Still - it would be nice to see Nokia doing well again and breaking the Apple/Samsung/HTC hegemony. (3.5)

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Kate - News Editor

It's annoying when your phone camera lets you down. But it's only annoying maybe four times a year. I don't know if that's a reflection on the visual excitement levels of my life but I don't think I need a pro-level 41MP camera with me at all times. I'd rather have a handset I'm not embarrassed to get out in public - one that doesn't look like it was designed by the same people who designed post-war flat blocks or Motorola phones. Nice try though, Nokia. I appreciate the effort at solving a problem I didn't have. And at least the Lumia 1020 is less aesthetically awful than the Galaxy S4 Zoom. (2.5)

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Hugh - Staff Writer

I really want the Lumia 1020 to be Nokia's shot in the arm but I can't see it happening. To me there's something jarring about having both the Windows Phone interface, which is better for the less intensive user, and the 41MP camera that's made for the pro snapper. I can't see too many other people opting to shell out a fair bit more dough when they could forego the super camera and get a almost-as-good handset in the 920 instead. Nokia, drop Windows Phone and then we'll talk… (3.5)

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Dan - Associate Editor

Although we've seen the basic camera tech before in the 808 PureView, the Lumia 1020 brings it to a truly high end phone. Trouble is, the rest of the specs are pretty average compared to the best phones around, notably the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, so it will only be something you'll want to buy if you're really into photography. Having said that, I'm a fan of Windows Phone 8 and as someone who likes to take a lot of pictures myself, I'm really looking forward to trying one out. (4)

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Michelle - US News Editor

I'm mixed: While the camera features sound appealing, I'm concerned about the battery life and bulk, most of all. For those who really care about image taking on their phone, this seems like a good product, but I can't say that I – who uses my phone for calls, texts, email and web browsing – am all that jazzed about it. I give Nokia credit for pushing the phone camera as far as the the Lumia 1020 looks to take it and I'm excited to see it in action, but its so-so specs don't do much for me. (4)

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Total knee-jerk score: 3.58

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