Teased Nokia announcement unrelated to Microsoft tablet event

Nokia spot at Microsoft event unlikely to be Windows Phone releated
Nokia will not be appearing at the Microsoft event on Monday

A ripple of excitement moved through the tech fraternity this weekend when Nokia teased it would be a part of Microsoft's big press event on Monday.

The Finnish smartphone company posted an image on its US Facebook page, emblazoned with Monday's date, prompting speculation Nokia would be at Microsoft's expected tablet announcement in Los Angeles.

Would that mean an announcement of a new Lumia Windows Phone? Would Nokia announce a 41-megapixel Pureview Windows Phone? Were they partnering with Microsoft on a Windows 8 tablet?

Well it seems like none of the above.

Good news for US Symbian fans

Instead of any of that good stuff, it seems that Nokia simply plans to announce the availability of the 808 Pureview handset in the United States.

The reason for this suggestion? The teaser image posted to Facebook features a map of Hawaii. That state's area code is 808.

The company followed up the Hawaii snap with a similar ad boasting a picture of the Roland 808 drum machine. Clever eh?

For most of us, it's quite the let down, but for long-time, stateside Nokia fans this doesn't represent such an anti-climatic disappointment.

Symbian phones have been in a self-imposed exile in the land of the free for a couple of years now, but the company recently claimed it was "trying to figure out a way" to launch the device in the US.

It seems it has succeeded in that modest aim. We'll let you know the full details when they emerge tomorrow.

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