T-Mobile invites iPhones to come hither with 4G expansion

iPhone 5
'We're bringing the iPhone, we swear!'

Steady as a faucet drip, T-Mobile is building out its 4G HSPA+ network and offering a cushy home for Apple iPhones.

The carrier announced expansion of its 4G-coverage into 14 new markets Thursday, bringing the number of areas it blankets with 1,900MHz bandwidth to 37.

T-Mobile announced earlier this month that it would offer the iPhone, finally opening the door for the nation's fourth largest carrier to join the iDevice club.

The Apple-branded handset is set to arrive on T-Mobile's growing 4G airwaves sometime next year.

Sweeter iDeals

Alongside T-Mobile's beefy 4G-expansion announcement, Solavei, a no-contract carrier that runs on T-Mobile's network, revealed it will offer enticing pre-paid plans for iPhone owners.

Solavei's deal is $49 a month for unlimited talk, text and data, no contract required.

Unlocked GSM iPhones as well as other smartphones on AT&T's 4G network can make the $50 switch, the company said in a press release.

"The time is right for the more than 4 million AT&T iPhone customers who initially signed contracts in 2010 to cut their phone bills in half and gain the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with their friends and family," Ryan Wuerch, founder and CEO of Solavei, said in the release.

In other 4G news, Verizon signed up 29 more markets with its LTE coverage, bringing its total spread to 470.

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