Sony's new PlayStation Communities app is here to help you find friends

Finding the whole PlayStation 4 experience a little lonely? Sony just rolled out a new Communities app for iOS and Android with the purpose of helping you connect with like-minded gamers on the PS4 platform.

The app makes it "easy to stay in touch with your fellow PS4 gamers while away from the console", Sony says - you can shoot the breeze with your virtual friends or recruit a team to take on the challenge of your current games of choice.

As well as checking in on the communities you're already a part of, the apps let you discover new recommended groups to join, which is one way of killing a spare five minutes at the bus stop.

Appy users

The apps are free to download though you do need to have a Sony Entertainment Network account to make use of them and access your communities - head to the app pages for Android or iOS to get up and running.

It's pretty much a way to access PlayStation 4 forums on the go and it looks like bells and whistles have been kept to a minimum. It's the third mobile app for PS4 enthusiasts, taking its place alongside the main app and PlayStation Messages.

This is a PS4-only deal, so you can't get involved if you're on one of the older consoles. Based on the early reviews, it looks like the user reaction has been pretty positive, so there's no reason not to give it a whirl.

David Nield
Freelance Contributor

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