Spotify launches BlackBerry app

Spotify launches BlackBerry app
The musical fruit

Spotify has finally released a BlackBerry app, giving crackberry addicts access to its premium service from your handset – as long as you're not the proud owner of a BlackBerry Torch 9800.

The preview release of the long-awaited Spotify app is compatible with most other BlackBerry handsets currently on the market, though, and requires a premium subscription (of £10 a month) to stream songs to your phone.

BlackBerry owners can download the preview app from Spotify now, or hang fire for the final, fully tested version which will be making its way to the BlackBerry App World soon.


All the traditional Spotify mobile features are included – streaming songs, building playlists, caching songs to play offline, starring favourite tracks and scrobbling music to

The full list of handsets compatible with the new Spotify for BlackBerry app is: BlackBerry Bold 9780, Bold 9700, Curve 9300, Bold 9000 and Curve 8520 on GMS networks. You can download the preview app from here.

No word yet if BlackBerry OS 7.0-running handsets like the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 can handle the new app, and we're assuming the QNX-based PlayBook will need separate software, too - we're waiting for confirmation from Spotify and/or RIM on that.

Update: RIM has told TechRadar that the app does support BlackBerry OS 7.0 devices (hurrah!) but the PlayBook is another story - no word on dedicated PlayBook app from either company.

This is Spotify's sixth mobile app, joining Spotify for iOS, Android, Symbian, Palm and Windows Phone.

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