Sony Xperia Z3 sizes up to Galaxy Note in a bunch of new photos

We're liking the look of those edges

The Sony Xperia Z3 cometh, and Xperia Blog has just been handed a bunch of new photos purporting to show off the as-yet-unannounced flagship phone.

What's interesting about the latest snaps is that they show the phone next to a Samsung Galaxy Note device to give us a better idea of the Z3's size.

Sony's handset is rumoured to come with a 5-inch screen, and that certainly looks about right when placed beside the Note's 5.7-inch display.


Sony Xperia Z3 - LEAK

Galaxy Note vs Xperia Z3 (credit: Xperia Blog)

Meanwhile a shot of the phone's rear shows a 20.7MP camera with G lens, while it looks like speaker has moved to the left of the handset. And is that an NFC symbol we spot? Seems so.

The sides of the phone are also more rounded this time, which should hopefully help us to grip it a little better. But as this is unlikely to be the final production model we can only cross our fingers that any further tweaks are minimal.

Rumours have pinned the Z3 on an August release but we'd say a September IFA 2014 launch is more likely. We'll be there in person, so, you know, we'll probably mention it should it appear. Probably.

Via Phone Arena

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