F bomb: Rumored new Samsung Galaxy drops in leaked photos

Samsung Galaxy F leak
2K display, oy vey!

The long wait for Samsung's latest flagship Android smartphone officially ends this Friday in select markets, but the wait has only just begun for the company's next-gen handset with a 2K resolution display.

BGR has rounded up some details on the so-called Samsung Galaxy F, which is widely rumored to become the Korean manufacturer's first foray into an ultra high-resolution screen capable of displaying 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Although details have made the rounds prior to today, a pair of leaked images posted by WindyLeak on Twitter April 4 and Sunday would seem to confirm Samsung's plans for a 2K resolution display.

While the actual device casing appears to be concealed from view, a fairly clear image posted Sunday nicely reveals the rumored 5.2-inch quad HD display.

F for fantastic

Samsung's mythical Galaxy F first popped up on the radar last fall, when hopes of something other than a plastic shell for the new Galaxy S5 were seemingly dashed.

That's because the Galaxy F is said to be housed in a metal frame packing a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and a whopping 3GB of RAM, necessary to help push all those pixels onto the screen.

Those specs, coupled with a rumored 16MP rear camera, would make the Galaxy F a more premium device than even Samsung's Galaxy S series, and presumably at an even higher price tag.

Reports at the time pegged the Galaxy F launch for last month - a target date Samsung clearly missed, but that was presumably to give the Galaxy S5 a clear runway for its long-awaited April 11 release.