Samsung Galaxy S3 to get wireless charging dock in September?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get wireless charging dock in September?
Look mum, no wires.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may finally be able to put its wireless charging claims to the test come September, when we'll hopefully see the first charging pads released.

When the Galaxy S3 was announced back at the start of May, one of the more surprising features unveiled was the fact the handset had built-in inductive charging capabilities.

This isn't the first time a phone has sported wireless charging, with Palm including it in the Pre Plus in 2010 and in several other handsets before its sorry demise.

Zens to the rescue

However even though Samsung happily showed us the Galaxy S3's wireless charging dock on the big screens during its launch, the fact of the matter is we're yet to see any hardware to allow us to make use of it.

Help may finally be at hand, with third-party manufacturer Zens unveiling its wireless charging pad for the Galaxy S3 – which includes a special battery compartment cover you'll need to swap with the one which came with the handset, allowing this fancy tech to work.

Thankfully that battery cover is offered in both marble while and pebble blue, so fears about a miss-matched phone can be quashed immediately.

There is a problem, Zens reckons its charging pad will be available in September, but there's no firm date yet – although PocketNow reckons Samsung's own solution will also be available in September, so you might be spoilt for choice.

We've contacted Samsung to find out more information and we'll update this article once we hear back.

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