Samsung Galaxy Round sequel could soon show off its curves

Samsung Galaxy Round
Once more with feeling?

With MWC 2015 just around the bend, tipsters are beginning to shed light on exactly what smartphone giants like Samsung might have up their sleeve in Barcelona.

PhoneArena today reported that Samsung appears to be working on a new high-end smartphone bearing the model number SM-G930, a device that could be a follow-up to the company's curvy Galaxy Round.

The report came to this conclusion with a bit of deduction, noting that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 appears to bear the model number SM-G920, while all evidence suggests the Galaxy S6 Edge variant adds five digits to arrive at the model number SM-G925.

Samsung's Galaxy Round, by comparison, sported the model number SM-G910, a number exactly 10 digits higher than last year's Galaxy S5 (SM-G900), which gives us some idea of where a potential sequel might fall in the lineup.

Look at those curves

A successor to the Samsung Galaxy Round would be noteworthy, given that the original device curves from the side edges, rather than from top to bottom like the competing LG G Flex 2.

Presumably, Samsung would take the same approach with the mysterious SM-G930, positioning it as a curved, high-end alternative to the Galaxy S6 we're all expecting to soon make its debut.

Of course, the Korean manufacturer could surprise everyone by bestowing another Galaxy S6 variant onto this rumored SM-G930 handset, but the reporter seems pretty confident we're looking at a Galaxy Round sequel instead.

MWC 2015 is less than a week and a half away, so the good news is, we may not have to wait all that much longer to find out.