Samsung finally decides it wants the Galaxy S5 to beat iPhone 5S specs

64-bit Samsung Galaxy S5 all but confirmed, 128-bit to follow
Samsung Galaxy S5 could blow the iPhone out of the water

It seems that getting and staying ahead is the name of the game for Samsung, with more news appearing to confirm that the Galaxy S5 will get the much talked about 64-bit processor.

We've heard a lot about Samsung's desire to put in iPhone 5S-aping chips, and the Korea Herald reports that Samsung and ARM have already met to discuss its arrival next year.

A senior ARM official said "Executives from Samsung and ARM had a meeting today. They discussed the ARM 64-bit chip, which is expected to be used in Samsung's smartphone next year".

A move to a more powerful chipset is vital for, among other things, the increase in biometric data now handled by our mobile devices; the A7 chip allowed Apple's Touch ID, so this dovetails nicely with news Samsung is planning a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5.

Why stop there?

If you thought that it would end there though, you'd be wrong. It seems ARM isn't resting on its laurels, with a push to 128-bit chips in 2015.

Antonio Viana, ARM's executive vice president of commercial and global development said in a speech on connectivity and mobility in the future that in "shifting to face recognition on smartphones from the fingerprint scanner to unlock an iPhone, it requires more powerful memory capacity".

This could means that reports of the Samsung Galaxy S5 scanning our eyeballs to unlock may be a year too early.

There is no word on what devices the 128-bit chips would land in, but a 2015 launch would mean likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S would arrive with them, assuming no radical changes in naming structure.

Via Unwired View.