Orange Monte Carlo officially unveiled

There's a joke about Del Monte Orange Juice in here somewhere
There's a joke about Del Monte Orange Juice in here somewhere

As if two budget handsets in one day weren't enough, Orange has also revealed a higher-class Android handset in the form of the Orange Monte Carlo.

It's not quite cutting edge, what with its 800Mhz processor and 5MP camera, but it does offer a 4.3-inch touchscreen and Android 2.3, as opposed to the smaller, be-Froyo'd Barcelona and Stockholm.

Lest we forget, this is a re-badged ZTE Skate we saw back in Barcelona during the mobile-phone-a-thon of MWC - which makes sense given the Orange San Francisco was a re-worked ZTE Blade.

As well as the not-too-shabby specs, you'll also get Orange goodies like HD Voice and Orange Signal Boost compatibility.

I like capital cities

Nicola Shenton, Head of Device Portfolio at Orange's parent company Everything Everywhere, said: "Orange believes it is important to bring great value innovation to the mass market - so that's why today we're announcing a series of new Orange Android devices which we believe will prove extremely popular with consumers in the forthcoming months."

If the success of the Orange San Francisco is anything to go by, she's probably not wrong.

Although there's no official word on the Orange Monte Carlo UK release date or pricing, all will be revealed when it launches later this summer.

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