Optus adds $1 Prepaid Daily option

Optus adds more prepaid options, with credit lasting much longer

Optus has introduced a new $1 Prepaid Daily plan, which joins the newly named, but previously available $2 Prepaid Daily Plus plan.

While the $2 option gives you unlimited standard national calls and SMS, and 500MB of data per day, the $1 Daily plan gives you 30 minutes of standard national talk, unlimited SMS and 40MB of data per day.'

These options can be automatically bumped up by an extra $2 for the $2 Prepaid Daily plan to give you an extra 524MB of data, totalling 1GB of data for the day - but only once per day.

For the $1 Daily plan, a 50 cents automatic bump will give you unlimited standard national calls and 50MB more, but you can add 50 cents for more data up to a maximum of $5 per day, or 430MB of data.

Prepaid gets flexible

On Daily plans, you will only be charged for the days you use your plan. With recharges available from $10-$100, credit will also now only expire after six months, with all remaining credit rolled over if you recharge before expiry.

Prepaid monthly options are available at $30, $45 or $60 options, with 1GB, 2GB and 5GB of data allowance, respectively, though expiry remains at 30 days.

While the lowest option gives you unlimited SMS and 350 minutes of talk for the month, talk and SMS is unlimited for all other monthly plans.