Nexus 5 to skimp on screen tech but soup up camera, battery life?

Nexus 5 to skimp on screen tech but soup up camera, battery life?
Will the Nexus 5 be a little bit smaller? Really?

Google's upcoming Nexus 5 may not be the massive Full HD-screened smartphone you're looking for.

The word comes from PhoneArena, whose tipster reckons that Google will leave the mega-screens to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and downsize the Nexus 5's display to 4.5 inches.

The source also reckons Google is opting for a 720p IPS screen rather than going Full HD as is the current craze - to be honest, we find it a bit hard to believe that Google would do this given the growing penchant for streaming HD movies on the go.

The pay-off is that it'll feature a barely-there bezel - the source says that the display will take up 88 per cent of the front of the phone, which doesn't leave much room for a border.


Another one for the pro column is some serious battery life, thanks to a 2800mAh juice pack. Also rumoured are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and a 9MP CCD camera.

We've got a lot of time for Phone Arena but since we can't verify their source and there's no indication of exactly where they got this info, we'd recommend a healthy serving of scepticism as a side-order with this one.

Hopefully we'll find out a bit more about the Nexus 5 from Google at its developer conference, Google I/O, in May.

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