Moto X gets detailed video tour, Open Mic voice command feature detailed

Moto X gets detailed video tour, Open Mic voice command feature detailed
Moto X's touch-free rival to Siri detailed

The heavily-anticipated Moto X phone has posed for the cameras once again, this time in a sleek promotional video for Canadian mobile carrier Rogers.

The demonstration video details many of the new features that'll debut on the device, including the always-listening voice command software that does not require users to touch the device.

The so-called Open Mic feature will allow users to ask questions, bring up Google Now data, set alarms, or get directions just by talking to the device.

It's unclear at present whether the feature will be specific to the Moto X or is available more widely as part of a newer version of Android.

Flashy new camera app

Another intriguing new feature showcased, within the 2-minute video tour, is the ability to launch the Moto X's camera app by flicking the wrist twice.

Users will also be able to capture photos by tapping anywhere on the screen, while holding down a finger will take multiple photos.

There's also a new "Active Notifications" mode. Instead of a nondescript blinking light on the device, the screen will blink softly with an icon from the relevant app, for example Facebook Messenger.

Again, it's not certain whether these features will be Moto X specific or perhaps part of the rumoured Android 4.3 refresh.

With the device set to launch within the next few of weeks with an on-sale date reportedly scheduled for August 23, we probably won't have long to find out.

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