Looks like we'll get a Moto Z with a headphone jack after all

Moto Z Force

After the shock reveal of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack being dropped from the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, it seems Motorola has decided to keep the aging tech for a future Moto Z release.

If you're gutted about losing the headphone jack on the Moto Z, the latest leak suggests we will get a Moto Z Play that'll rectify that issue.

The Moto Z Play is shown in a leak from HelloMotoHK where it's pictured alongside the Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

Moto Z Play

The Play is quite a bit thicker than the Moto Z, but is still a similar size to the Moto Z Force - thanks to a shatterproof screen and bigger battery - despite sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Not every phone

All three phones look to feature USB-C connections as well to give you a faster charging power as well as quick data transfer.

If you buy a Moto Z or Moto Z Force, you get a USB-C to headphone jack converter so you can still use your older headphones.

Why Motorola has chosen to keep the headphone jack on the Moto Z Play isn't currently clear, but we'll be sure to find out if/when the phone officially launches.

Previous spec leaks have suggested the Moto Z Play will come with a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset and 3GB of RAM.

It'll also sport 32GB of internal storage, a 16MP rear camera and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software.

Via Phone Arena

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