Want to pay $100 more for LG G Flex 2? It's on AT&T this month

LG G Flex 2 AT&T release date and price
LG G Flex 2 is coming late to AT&T for more money

There's a lot to like about LG G Flex 2, and it's now there's one more reason to consider it: The Android phone is going to be available to buy through AT&T at the end of the month.

Starting on Friday, April 24, the same day that the Apple Watch launches, the US carrier will start selling LG's second-generation curved smartphone for $300 on contract.

The LG G Flex 2 on AT&T comes in Platinum Silver and costs $709 without a two-year contract, though the network is really pushing customers in the opposite direction, to its AT&T Next program.

AT&T Next makes the smartphone is $0 at first, but then tacks on a monthly fee of $23.64 per month over 30 months, $29.55 per month over 24 months or $35.45 per month over 20 months.

More expensive than Sprint

The LG F Flex 2 on AT&T is no different than the G Flex 2 on Sprint, yet it costs $100 more through the two-year contract and $200 more at full retail price.

Actually, there are two differences, the Sprint version comes in an exclusive Volcano Red color and has been available since March.

AT&T is really wielding the power of its larger network, while Sprint is desperately trying to undercut its chief rivals with more options, sooner availability and better prices.

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Matt Swider