Leaked MotoMods may show the many possible shapes of the Moto Z

Moto X Style

One of the more intriguing aspects of the upcoming Moto X 2016 (or Moto Z as it's now rumored to be called) is the suggestion that it could be modular. Not to the extent of the long-overdue Project Ara, but with swappable 'MotoMod' back plates which would add extra functionality similar to the LG G5.

So far these had only been spoken about, but now thanks to Evan Blass we might have caught our first glimpse of them.

In a leaked image he shows off three of them, though only one is fully visible and no details are attached to the shot.

Camera champion

The one at the front clearly beefs up the camera skills of the Moto Z, with an optical zoom, a shutter button and a dedicated flash, going well beyond the camera grip offered by a similar accessory for the LG G5.

MotoMods leak

The other two MotoMods are far less clear, but the middle one appears to include a kickstand, so it's likely media focused. We'd heard previously that one would include a battery pack, so perhaps it has that as well, or maybe even a pico projector, which has also been rumored.

As well as the possible modules Blass also tweeted an image that appears to show the Verizon Droid edition of the phone in black, silver and gold.

Moto Z Verizon leak

It largely lines up with earlier leaked imagery, including a large circular camera housing, a slightly rounded design and a likely metal finish.

If these leaks turn out to be true the Moto Z could be a stylish, innovative handset and we probably don't have long to wait, as both the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play, or whatever they're ultimately called, are expected to launch on June 9.

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