Here's when Apple will reveal iOS 10, new Mac OS X

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Update: And it's official. Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2016 is slated for June 13 - June 17, updating its official website accordingly and encouraging developers to sign up for the chance to buy tickets.

The WWDC 2016 main page is full of little snippets of anecdotal experiences revolving around technology, from summoning a ride service to Tinder to Snapchat to weather alerts. It seems to signal that Apple will focus on how its tech impacts people's everyday lives, and how developers can use its software to connect with consumers.

Read on for what we expect from WWDC 2016.

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Siri is good for something, it seems.

The personal assistant was rather forthcoming about the dates for Apple's big dev con, dubbed Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC for short.

According to Siri, WWDC 2016 is going down June 13 - June 17 in San Francisco.

Siri WWDC 2016

If you straight up ask her when the conference is, she blithely states those dates along with an exclamatory, "I can't wait!"

It's possible this is a huge boo-boo by Apple, but more likely that Siri is acting as the digital carrier pigeon for when the show is going down.

The official WWDC website is reflecting no changes or 2016 dates, but we'll keep an eye on it throughout the day (Update: Now it is!).

What to expect at WWDC 2016

As usual, we anticipate big things to come out of WWDC this year.

The company is expect to unveil the next versions of its operating systems, including iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, possibly renamed macOS to bring it inline with Apple's other OS monikers.

We'll also likely see an update for watchOS and tvOS.

Is new hardware in the cards? The latest reports suggest slimmer MacBooks are in the offing, so Apple may choose those June dates to reveal its new thin books before releasing them later this year.

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