Google confirms 3D Touch-like feature for Android N

Android N

Android N is will support pressure-sensitive display technology, meaning those opting to use Google's upcoming smartphone platform will be able to utilize screen tech that resembles 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch.

A new feature called Launcher Shortcuts debuted on the latest beta of Android N and Google has now confirmed it's a feature ready for Android manufacturers to support pressure-sensitive screens.

It will allow you to press down harder on Android apps from the app page and access functionality quicker than booting up the app.

Google said it allows manufacturers to "define shortcuts which users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions quicker."

Pushing down

Basically, that means you'll get a pop-up whenever you press down harder on an app. For example, on a camera app you would be able to push down and launch video without having to do within the app itself.

Google told The Verge manufacturers have asked for the feature to be baked into the Android OS.

Bringing this support to Android N will give manufacturers the opportunity to use it, but don't expect every phone in 2017 to include the technology. It's more of an option for future use and not every OEM is interested right now.

Huawei has already tried pressure-sensitive display technology for the Android platform, featuring it in the the Mate S and P9.

Watch the video below: how to speed up your Android device

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