Galaxy Note 7 just got kicked off New York's trains and buses

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's no-good-very-bad month just keeps getting worse as another government body is cautioning against whipping out the Galaxy Note 7 in certain public places.

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is urging riders to turn off their Note 7s before entering a station and keep them unplugged from outlets, a response to the phone's unfortunate reputation for catching fire.

Samsung Note 7 warning

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warning

The MTA's warning is just that - it's not a ban against using or charging the Note 7 on the subway or a bus, though you'll probably get some shade from fellow passengers and transit employees if you do either.

There have been no reported instances of the Note 7 "igniting on MTA property," but the authority still wants customers and employees to "avoid using them."

The New Jersey Transit agency is also "urging our customers to do the responsible thing and heed the manufacturer's advice to power down the Galaxy Note 7," as reported by the New York Post.

Pile on

This is just the latest in a string of bad press for the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung began a massive recall of the device nearly two weeks ago after a small number of reports surfaced of the phone igniting because of faulty batteries.

Late last week, the US Federal Aviation Authority "strongly advise[d]" passengers not to turn on or charge the Note 7 on board aircraft and not to stow the phone in any checked baggage.

That was quickly followed by the US Consumer Product Safety Agency urging people to power down and stop using or charging the Galaxy Note 7. It also noted it was working with Samsung on an official recall.

Samsung responded by saying it's indeed working alongside the agency, and asked users to power their devices down and exchange them immediately.

The MTA warning is yet another strike against the Galaxy Note 7, and couldn't come at a worse time. The iPhone 7 launches soon, and users could flock to its chief rival's phone for fear their Samsung device will self-destruct.

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