How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

After reports that some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been catching fire, Samsung has decided to halt sales and recall any device that has been bought so far. Additionally, the US government has initiated an official Note 7 recall, which will affect approximately 1 million devices.

Even worse, replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been reported to be catching fire as well, which has led to Samsung halting sales of the handset completely.

So if you've just got your hands on the new smartphone, read on to find out how you can replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

We'd highly recommend you return your Note 7 for a different device or a refund.

Stop using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 immediately and back up your data 

The risk of damage or injury is enough for Samsung to recommend you stop using your Galaxy Note 7 immediately - and we agree. 

If you have data that's vital on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can use the Samsung Smart Switch software on a PC to back up what's on your device - but we'd only suggest doing this as a last resort. 

Hopefully the photos you've taken on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have been automatically backed up in your Google Drive.

Ring Samsung's customer service team

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in the UK should ring Samsung's customer service team on 0330 7261000, and they will take you through the process of returning your Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has confirmed that mobile networks and operators which have already dispatched devices will begin to contact UK customers to arrange returns from September 19. However, we'd recommend using the number above to get in contact first.

In the US you can call the customer service team on 1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG), and in Australia the number to call is 1300 362 603.

You can also start a live chat on Samsung's support website to talk to someone immediately.

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a store you can return it there for a full refund or an exchange for a different handset.

US exchange program

Samsung has outlined a Galaxy Note 7 exchange program in the US, saying it will replace phones with a Galaxy S7 Edge and replacement of any Note 7 accessories. The company is also offering customers a $25 gift card or credit off their carrier bill.

To begin the exchange process, head to the store where you bought your Note 7, or call 1-800-SAMSUNG. While it's good Samsung is acting quickly to exchange phones, the US government is reportedly wary of its efforts as the company didn't go through an official route to initiate the recall.

While this program is for US customers, we should hear about Samsung's exchange programs for the rest of the world soon.

UK exchange program

Samsung has also outlined the process for replacing your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the UK. If you bought it from the Samsung online store, contact the support team at

If you bought a Galaxy Note 7 from Carphone Warehouse contact their support phoneline on 0370 111 6565. You can also take your handset into a high street store for a refund or exchange.

You can also ring up your network operator for replacing your Note 7. For EE dial 150 from your mobile. Vodafone customers should dial 191, and Three customers dial 333.

If you're on a contract with O2 dial 202, and if you're on a pay as you go deal, ring 4445 from your handset.

Samsung has said that the exchange of units will begin from September 19, and they encourage anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 to take advantage of the UK Galaxy Note 7 exchange program.

Now that September 19 has passed, Samsung has gone into more depth about the UK and European recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices.

A new software update will be released from September 20 that will limit the battery in pre-ordered Note 7 devices in Europe to 60% charge. This will reduce the risk of devices catching fire, as well as encourage owners to trade in their Note 7 for a new version.

Samsung will also launch a webpage (which has yet to go live) that will allow Note 7 customers to enter in their device's IMEI number, which will tell them if their device needs replacing. The IMEI number can be found by going into Settings > About Phone.

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