EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers hit with 2.7 per cent price hike

EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers hit with 2.7 per cent price hike
More mid-contract price hikes... yay!

EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers in the UK today received word their monthly tariffs would be going up by nearly 3 per cent at the end of next month.

Users of the UK's largest 4G network and its old school 3G predecessors will be hit with a 2.7 per cent hike on May 28, on top of what they're already forking over to the company each month.

It may not sound like much but, for those customers on a £42 a month 4G contract with EE, their base bill will be £43.12.

On top of that, users will also pay more every time they step over the their monthly allowances, with the company saying all fee increases are in line with inflation.


However, the company has decided not to raise the rates on customers who upgraded or signed their new agreement after January 23.

That allows the firm to circumnavigate new Ofcom guidelines that allow customers to walk away from their contracts, without termination fees, if the deals were signed after that date.

As thus, there's no way out for anyone who agreed their deal before that date.

In an FAQ on its website, EE says: "If you wish to cancel your contract. "You'll need to pay any cancellation charges that may apply."

"As stated in your terms and conditions you may cancel your contract without penalty if we increase your monthly plan charge (the recurring amount you pay each month) by more than the current rate of RPI. This increase is in line with RPI and therefore cancellation charges will apply."

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