As UK rural broadband rollout drags on, EE 4G hits 2,588 small towns and villages

As UK rural superfast rollout stalls, EE 4G hits 2,588 small towns and villages
The EE Buzzard brings 4G into the car

4G mobile broadband speeds are now hitting more of Britain's rural towns and villages thanks to the latest infrastructure upgrade from the UK's leading LTE network EE.

During an event at which network revealed a host of own-branded 4G devices including tablets and an in-car 4G unit, it also revealed next-gen speeds are now available in 2,588 of the UK's smaller regions.

That equates to a further three million people, in areas with less than 10,000 residents, that are able to jump aboard the 4G bandwagon for the first time.

In many cases, the rollout will enable homes and businesses to access speeds far exceeding those on offer from fixed-line broadband offerings.

4G > Superfast?

In recent months, EE's announcements surrounding 4G roll outs in new areas around the UK have lost their lustre due to how common they've become.

However, Wednesday's announcement takes on greater significance in light of the slower-than-anticipated government roll-out of super-fast broadband services in the UK's rural communities.

Will complete 4G coverage blanket the UK before BT, Virgin and co get around to offering superfast in all corners of Britain? Share your thoughts below.

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