Prepare for the summer of sound with the Sony XB40 portable speaker and noise-cancelling MDR1000X headphones

Sony has released two amazing products that will make your music sound better than ever before – be it in the middle of a party with the Sony XB40 wireless portable speaker, or drowning out life’s distractions with your favourite tunes and Sony’s MDR1000X noise cancelling headphones.

Both of these products feature state-of-the-art features, gorgeous designs and above all else – amazing sound quality that will make this summer sound better than ever before.

Even if you’re listening to compressed files from an MP3 player, or playing music throughout your house, you’ll be amazed at the clarity and quality of your music.

Get the party going with the Sony XB40

Become the life and soul of the party this summer with the Sony XB40 wireless speakers. Thanks to the built-in flashing lights, you can instantly create a party atmosphere anywhere – while the EXTRA BASS functionality can transform your music and make your favourite songs sound as good as they should.

Best of all, the party can keep going day and night thanks to up to 24 hour battery life, and thanks to the water-resistant design you can take the Sony XB40 to the pool or the beach for the ultimate summer party.

Bluetooth and NFC features let you easily connect your smartphone or media player to the Sony XB40 speakers with just a tap – and the smart Bluetooth technology inside the speaker ensures you get the best possible sound quality.

Want to fill your entire house with music, or ensure your tunes can be heard in your garden while soaking up the sun and cooking a BBQ? Thanks to the easy to use Party Chain feature, you can wirelessly connect a number of Sony XB40 wireless speakers together to really get the party going. Fancy a spot of DJing? Use the Fiestable app to control playback, adjust the built-in lights and add sound effects to your tunes.

Award winning sound with the Sony MDR1000X headphones

If you’re after a more intimate listening experience with audiophile-grade sound quality, than the award-winning Sony MDR1000X headphones are a must.

Thanks to industry leading noise cancellation, you can block out the noisy distractions of modern life and fully immerse yourself in your music. If you’re jetting off to a well-deserved holiday this summer, then the Sony MDR1000X headphones will block out the sounds of the aeroplane – and any loud passengers.

You can also feel like you’re in the recording studio with your favourite artists thanks to High-Resolution audio support that includes S-Master HXTM technology to reduce distortion and allow you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music.

The headphones feature a powerful 40mm driver with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, which means even the deepest bass beats are reproduced perfectly.

While high resolution audio positively sings thanks to the craftmanship of the Sony MDR1000X, even compressed audio files such as MP3s will benefit from these headphones, with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) upscaling the files and restoring high-range sound that is often lost through compression.

The Sony MDR1000X headphones are the perfect pair of cans to take around with you when camping, glamping and enjoying the best festivals this summer thanks to an included protective carry case that helps you transport them securely.

Due to their amazing build quality, design and audiophile sound quality, it’s no surprise that these headphones have won numerous prestigious awards, making them the perfect accessories for this year’s summer of sound.