Apple may have found the answer to our battery nightmares

Apple might have found the answer to our battery nightmares
Doubling up the juicepower

We think it's fair to say that many of us would forgo certain phone features just to have a better battery to see us through the day.

Now it looks as though Apple has a plan, and that plan is to learn your daily habits and make your iPhone adjust its power consumption to ensure it's only maxing out when it needs to.

That's the the gist of a new patent that Apple has filed with the USPTO for a system that monitors things such as your location data, the length of your daily commute and where you might next be able to charge up.

The device would then behave accordingly, adjusting things like screen brightness, email fetching, and just generally altering various functions so they're draining as little power as possible.

We want it now

While it would remember your daily habits, it could also adjust spontaneously if it detects you're going to be out of range of a charger for some time.

It might not just be the iPhone benefiting from the new power-saving initiative though, as the patent also lists (but "is not limited to") laptops, music players and gaming devices.

The patent, titled "Power management for electronic devices", joins an ever-growing list of Apple patents that may or may not become a reality. But we really, really hope this one does.

Via Apple Insider

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