Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5 is making its way to your HTC One

Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5 is making its way to your HTC One

The Android 4.3 update is currently on its way to HTC One handsets around the world, bringing Sense 5.5 and an extra slice of Google Drive storage space with it.

While most HTC One owners in Asia, the US and Canada have been enjoying the update for a few weeks already, users in the UK and other areas of Europe have been less lucky.

But the good news is that some users in Europe have begun to see the update trickling out - we're in touch with HTC to see if we can get some more exact information out of it.

Bean and gone

As well as Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and Sense 5.5 (quirky food-based names need not apply), the update seems to be bringing an extra 25GB of Drive storage to users.

Add that to the 15GB the handset comes with in the first place and you're looking at a sweet 40GB of space for your digital bits and pieces.

You won't get the storage upgrade if you're using the HTC One Developer Edition thanks to the unlocked bootloader though, and you can only activate the offer once per Google account.

Not that you were planning to try anything other than that though, right?

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