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10 new phones we can't wait to see

6. HTC One S

HTC doesn't just have its One X to show off at MWC 2012, oh no there is more. Another handset we are keen to check out is the HTC One S.

First leaked as the HTC Ville, the One S looks set to be a mid-range Android handset going head to head with the likes of the Sony Xperia P.

Reports suggest that the HTC One S will feature a nippy 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, 8MP camera with full HD video recording and Beats Audio technology.

HTC one s - spy shot

Leaked screenshots show the One S running Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC's latest Sense 4.0 overlay.

We have high hopes for the One S and are keen to see what it will deliver come MWC 2012 – keep an eye out for our hands on: HTC One S review.

7. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung has a habit of dusting down old handsets and re-releasing them instead of producing completely new devices, and that ethos rings true with the Galaxy Ace 2.

No prizes for guessing which phone Samsung has refreshed (it's the Galaxy Ace for the slow ones among you), but the original mid-range Android handset performed well for the Korean firm.

The reboot gets a host of improved features including a slightly bigger 3.8-inch TFT display with a higher 480 x 800 resolution, an upgrade to Android 2.3 (no Ice Cream Sandwich here folks) and a beefed up 800MHz dual-core processor with 768MB of RAM.

Samsung galaxy ace 2

The Galaxy Ace 2 still sticks with the same 5MP camera with LED flash, but video recording capabilities have been given a boost allowing the phone to capture 720p footage.

A welcome 4GB of internal storage has been included in the Galaxy Ace 2 and you can expand this with a microSD card.

We weren't blown away by the original Galaxy Ace, but the improved specs of the Galaxy Ace 2 sets it up to be a decent little phone, as long as Samsung gets its pricing right.

8. Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia look set to launch at least two new phones at MWC 2012 and the Lumia 610 is likely to be a budget offering from the Finnish firm.

There's speculation that the Nokia Lumia 610 will run Windows Phone Tango, a new version of Microsoft's operating system which as been specifically developed for the low-end handset market.

Details are thin on the ground for the Lumia 610, so we will have to wait for Nokia's announcement next week in Barcelona for all the details.

9. HTC One V

HTC looks like it is really going to push its new "One" brand at MWC 2012 as there are rumours that a third handset bearing the name will appear in Barcelona.

The HTC One V started life as the Primo and rumours suggest it will sport a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 3.7-inch screen, 5MP camera with HD video recording and Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC's Sense 4.0 overlay.

It's reported the One V will also pack the Beats Audio technology and looks to be the mirror handset to the female-focussed HTC Rhyme.

10. LG L-Style Range

Ok so this strictly isn't just one handset, but actually another three from LG who has confirmed it will also launch its L-Style range of handsets at MWC.

The range comprises of three phones; the Optimus L3 with 3.2-inch screen, the Optimus L5 packing a 4-inch screen and the Optimus L7 at the top of the pile with its 4.3-inch display.

LG l-style handsets

As you may have gathered from the 'L-Style' brand name LG is focussing on design with these handsets which apparently feature 'Modern Square Style', 'Floating Mass Technology' and 'Harmonized Design Contrast'.

Whatever all that means, we expect all three to be the sexiest handsets we've seen. Ever.