HTC Ville breaks cover with Android 4.0 on board

Thin HTC Ville breaks cover with Android 4.0 on board
HTC Ville - thrilling looks

HTC's 2012 line-up just got a little less mysterious with the unmasking of the HTC Ville, a dual-core Ice Cream Sandwich qHD phone with Sense 4.0.

The Cruella-inspired moniker is likely just a codename, so expect to see a more hyperbolic name come February, when the HTC Ville is expected to debut at Mobile World Congress 2012.

The 4.3-inch screen is said to be a qHD Super AMOLED display, housed in a metal casing that is less than 8mm thick.

The render posted alongside the leaked specs is a rather uninspiring affair, notable only for its complete lack of physical buttons.

Ville-Edge people

Unlike the quad-core HTC Edge which snuck online earlier this week, the HTC Ville looks set to rock a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor with a 1,650 mAh battery to keep it ticking over.

The two handsets feature similar cameras, though, with the HTC Ville's snapper coming in at 8MP with 1080p HD video capture.

The HTC Ville is set to launch replete with Android 4.0 and a new version of HTC's overlay, Sense 4.0.

There's not much to back up the spec assertions, other than that they've come by way of BGR, a site of good repute and a history of reliable sources - thus we're inclined to rate it 'quite likely' on the TechRadar rumourometer.

Quite likely

From BGR

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