Kogan's latest Agora 6 smartphone is big on features and small on price

Kogan Agora 6

Kogan has a history of bringing not quite cutting edge, but still solid tech to a budget pricepoint in its smartphones. It's a solid business plan that has worked well for the Aussie company for years, so it's no surprise that the new Agora 6 continues the trend.

At $179, the Agora 6 is a fraction of the price of devices like the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone SE. But somehow you still manage to get a 5-inch IPS LCD screen, a 1.3GHz octo-core processor, 2GB RAM, 4G LTE connectivity and a dual SIM card slot.

There's an 8MP camera in the back and a 5MP camera on the front, and Kogan promises the device is powered by the latest version of Android.

There are a few sacrifices made to hit that price though. First is storage - on board storage is stuck at 16GB. There's a MicroSD card slot, but it will only take up to 32GB, which doesn't give you a huge amount of total space.

The second is battery life. The Agora 6 packs in a 2050mAh battery, which isn't bad, but compared to the 3,000mAh battery in the Galaxy S7, it's nothing to write home about.

But then again, this phone isn't targeting the same market as the latest Samsung flagship. It's purely targeted at the value for money crowd, and from a pure specs to price perspective, it looks like the Kogan Agora 6 might just deliver.

Having spent the past decade editing some of Australia's leading technology publications, Nick's passion for the latest gadgetry is matched only by his love of watching Australia beat England in the rugby.