One of the world's best e-bikes gets a huge price cut for its first anniversary

Cowboy 3
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One of the best electric bikes around has just received a big price cut for its first anniversary. The Cowboy 3 launched last year at €2,290 / £1,990 (about $2,700 / AU$3,600), but is now available to order for just €1,990 / £1,690 (about $2,500 / AU$3,200) direct from Cowboy.

That price includes mudguards and home delivery, and makes the Cowboy 3 one of the most affordable e-bikes of its type.

When we reviewed the Cowboy 3 last year, we were particularly impressed by its fuss-free design, with fully internal cabling and an easily cleaned carbon belt drive, which lasts substantially longer than a chain and doesn't need oiling or tensioning.

There are no gears or power settings; instead, the bike's motor 250W motor kicks in automatically when you push off, and adjusts its output in response to the pressure being applied to the pedals. It'll provide a little assistance when you're cruising on the flat, but much more on steep climbs to help take the sweat out of hills.

We found the ride extremely smooth, and even a year later, the motor remains one of the quietest of any e-bike we've tested.

The next generation

The Cowboy 3 is the predecessor of the Cowboy 4, which recently took the number one spot in our roundup of the best e-bikes of 2021. Whereas the first three Cowboy models were only available with a step-over frame, the Cowboy 4 introduced a new step-through option that makes the bike more accessible for anyone who wants to be able to hop off quickly when riding in the city, commuters riding in their work clothes, and those with limited mobility.

Cowboy 4

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The Cowboy 4 is available to pre-order now, and both the step-over and step-through models are priced at €2,290 / £1,990 (about $2,700 / AU$3,600).

While you can certainly find cheaper electric bikes, we advise always looking for one from an established brand that offers a warranty, carries replacement parts, and can advise on where to take it for servicing. 

Cowboy also offers a range of optional subscription services, including theft insurance, which gives you notifications if your bike is stolen and provides real-time tracking to help you get it back. There's also a mobile servicing plan for riders in Europe, which lets you call out an engineer to repair your bike and get it back on the road as soon as possible.

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