Forget drones, DJI could soon hit the trails with a shock move into e-bikes

A teaser for a DJI e-bike motor next to a DJI drone preparing for take-off
(Image credit: DJI)

Well, we didn't see that one coming. The world's biggest drone maker, DJI, may be facing a US ban, but it's certainly not feeling sorry for itself – instead, a new official teaser and leaks suggest it's about to make a surprise move into challenging to the best e-bikes.

A new DJI teaser called 'Power Your Ride' has just landed on its official Instagram page, revealing that an official launch will take place on July 3 at 9am CEST (which is 12am PT / 8am BST / 5pm AEST). The promo also introduces a new brand called Amflow Bikes.

The teaser suggests DJI will be supplying the e-bike's powertrain with an electric unit called Avinox, and some leaks elsewhere have filled in some of the blanks. A thread from regular DJI leaker @Quadro_News has revealed what appear to be marketing slides for the e-bike, suggesting it'll be a high-end e-MTB (electric mountain bike) designed for tackling steep slopes and downhill trails.

An additional post showing a DJI Avinox charger topping up the bike's battery states that the e-bike is "not just a means of transportation, but a high-tech tool for exploring and conquering mountain peaks."

In a separate leak on X (formerly Twitter), @OsitaLV has posted some rumored specs for the DJI-powered e-bike. These suggest that the motor could be very powerful indeed, being a 250W unit capable of 105Nm of torque and providing a boost of up to 20mph / 25 km/h. 

That would make it a higher-end option than our current pick for the title of best electric mountain bike, the Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon eMTB. But we fortunately won't have to wait long to hear all of the official specs and details about this fascinating move from DJI.

DJI spreads its wings?

The DJI Osmo Action 4 action cam being splashed with water

DJI is also rumored to be launching a successor to the DJI Osmo 4 action camera (above) soon. Integration with the rumored e-bike would be an interesting crossover (Image credit: DJI)

It's unclear whether DJI has had long-term plans to push into e-bikes, or if this is a response to the US bill that threatens to ground its drones in the US. Either way, it's an interesting move – and an exciting one for e-bike fans considering the tech DJI could bring to the party.

The DJI Avinox part of the equation appears to be the e-bike's whole powertrain rather than simply an electric motor, which means it includes the battery and potentially some software integration. The timing of the launch coincides with the Eurobike 2024 show in Frankfurt, Germany where the Amflow brand will be present.

The Amflow profile page on the Eurobike exihibitor list says it will offer "the next-gen e-MTB experience for all" that will "integrate one of the smartest and most powerful e-Drive systems on the market". The e-bike will also apparently combine "peak power with lightweight materials, high-end technology with focus on the essential, natural riding feel with seamless connectivity".

With this kind of DJI-powered tech on board and those leaked powertrain specs, it likely won't be a cheap e-MTB. But the hope for many will be that the tech on show in this high-end flagship model could filter down into more affordable, and more approachable, e-bikes. Even if we don't ultimately get a flying e-bike to help us live out our E.T dreams.

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