Swytch's new GO kit is one of the cheapest ways to convert any bike into an eBike

Swytch GO Kit
(Image credit: Swytch)

Swytch Technology has revealed its latest DIY eBike kit that is compatible with most pedal bicycles on sale today and offers up to 60 miles of electric assistance at speeds of up to 15mph in most markets.

The idea is that anyone can benefit from the extra shove provided by an electric motor, with the latest Swytch GO kit containing a new frame-mounted 187Wh to 378Wh capacity battery pack, a box-fresh front wheel with a built-in 250W motor, clip-on pedal sensor and an optional LED display that can easily be mounted to your handlebars.

Most folk proficient with a little bicycle maintenance should be able to handle the simple install, while this latest bundle is aimed at getting the masses out on two wheels, with a budget-friendly pre-order price of just $349 / £299 (around AU$525 in Australia). If you don’t want to join the pre-order queue, the kit costs $799 / £599 (around AU$1,200) to purchase immediately.

Alternatively, Swytch is also offering a monthly payment package that is pegged at £28 per month for UK customers. Currently, there is no word on whether the subscription option will be available to other markets. 

What’s more, buyers get the choice of three battery sizes, which increase in output and price as you walk up the range. GO, GO+, and GO++ offer between 15 to 60 miles of electric assistance, depending on riding style and terrain.

Swytch GO Kit

(Image credit: Swytch)

Red Dot Design Award winner Swytch has worked hard to decrease the size of its GO battery packs, which used to attach to your handlebars and looked a bit cumbersome dangling out front, especially on sleek hybrid or urban commuter machines.

Now, the IPX6 waterproof-rated battery pack neatly straps to the top tube and seat tube on most bicycles, keeping neatly out of the way by sitting flush within the frame. 

According to the company, it has already sold 85,000 kits worldwide, but hopes that this lighter, cheaper and more versatile package will encourage more pedal bike users to make the switch to electric.

Analysis: motors for the masses

Swytch GO Kit

(Image credit: Swytch)

Considering most of the best ebikes cost at least $1,000 / £1,000 / AU$1,500), the new Swytch GO kit is one of the most affordable ways to transform any old bike into something that assists on the daily commute.

Despite the work carried out in redesigning the overall package, some will still find it a little clunky, with the need to remove and store the battery pack when parked up in order to prevent thieves from running off with your power source.

But the company has successfully managed to simplify the install process, improve the performance of its batteries and motors, as well as bring the cost of its overall package down considerably.

What’s more, transforming your existing pushbike into an eBike also means there’s no need to buy new, saving the customer money and reducing the amount of natural resource-sapping product that factories around the world are busy pumping out. 

If this breaks down the fitness barriers associated with pedal bike, gets more people out on two wheels and reduces journeys made by car, that can only be a good thing.

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