One of Samsung's top cheap phones is now just £210

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The Galaxy A range are Samsung's own cheaper devices that already have easy to swallow prices already, but Amazon Prime Day has seen those numbers sink to the lowest levels we've seen.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is discounted, alongside the much cheaper Galaxy A41. That second phone is actually as low as £209.99, which isn't a significant discount but makes this the best price we've ever seen for that phone.

Samsung's Galaxy A51 5G is one of the cheapest options for you if you're looking to adopt the next-gen internet technology anytime in the near future, and that has £20 off for Prime Day with the price now £364.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G (128GB): £386.95£364 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G (128GB): £386.95 £364 at Amazon
Save over £20and bag yourself a cheap (but still excellent) Galaxy this week at Amazon. The A51 may be one of the baseline versions of the world-renowned Galaxy range of smartphones, but it still shares the same DNA as it's more premium siblings. A 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, 4,000mAh battery, 5G connectivity and a 48MP rear camera make the A51 more than capable and a good option for Android users on a budget.

Samsung Galaxy A41 (64GB): £233.99£209.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A41 (64GB): £233.99 £209.99 at Amazon
This is already one of Samsung's cheapest handsets, and the Galaxy A41 is even cheaper for Prime Day with the price nearing £200 for the first time ever. It features a great 6.1-inch display, 25MP selfie camera and the battery will charge up quickly with 15W fast-charging.

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