Apple's iPad Pro event might be in April, not March

iPad Pro 2020
A new iPad Pro could be among the announcements (Image credit: Future)

Some of Apple’s events happen like clockwork, but that’s not the case with its next one, which we keep hearing new dates for, with the latest leak suggesting it won’t happen until April.

This comes from Jon Prosser, a leaker who, in fairness, had previously said the next Apple event would happen on March 23, and before that March 16. So we wouldn’t count on this latest claim being any more accurate, especially as Apple usually holds an event in March rather than April.

Prosser claims he’ll be explaining more on his Front Page Tech YouTube show, but for now a claim of April is all we have (along with Prosser claiming he’ll shave his eyebrows over getting the date wrong previously).

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Until we have more information, we’d take this time frame with a serious helping of salt, especially as Prosser wasn’t the only source previously pointing to March. But it wouldn’t be totally surprising if the event slipped to April, especially as we still haven’t heard anything official about it yet. And if it does, OnePlus is sure to be happy, as the OnePlus 9 range is landing on March 23.

So what can we expect at this Apple event? That’s also uncertain, but rumors point to the iPad Pro (2021), the long-rumored Apple AirTags, and the Apple AirPods 3.

Those are the three things that have been most frequently linked to the event, but some sources have also pointed to a new Apple TV and the iPad mini 6, and we can’t rule out other announcements either, such as new Mac hardware.

It’s very unlikely that all of these devices will appear at this Apple event, but if even a few of them do then it could be a significant and exciting launch. TechRadar will be covering the event in full whenever it happens, and we’ll also let you know as soon as we have a clearer idea of when that might be.

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